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After a baseball accident in college, Dr. Trey Vereen spent years as a dental patient, undergoing multiple procedures to finally get his mouth fixed and his smile back. That’s why Trey Vereen Family and Cosmetic Dentistry treats each patient like family. We want your dental procedures to be quick and comfortable while providing the results you want. That’s why we use the CEREC process for same day crowns.

Whether you need a partial crown, a full crown or a veneer, CEREC does it all digitally and manufactures the crown or veneer in our office on the same day as your appointment.

In the past, if you needed a crown, the dentist had to mix up impression material and put an uncomfortable tray in your mouth. You’d bite down to leave an impression, often leaving you with sore gums. The impression would be sent off to a lab, and you’ would be fitted for a temporary dental prosthesis to wear in the meantime. Then, you’d still have to make another appointment to come in and get the temporary crown removed and the new permanent one placed.

With CEREC, Dr. Vereen digitally scans the affected area using a camera. Then, the dental prosthesis is designed in the computer and manufactured in our office. Finally, the crown is put in place – all within the span of about an hour.

Like ceramic restorations from a laboratory, CEREC same day crowns last for years and leave no dark crown margins, cause no allergic reactions and ensure healthy gums. CEREC crowns also look natural and rarely can be distinguished from your real teeth.

Trey Vereen Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants all of our patients to have a fantastic experience. After all, your smile is the best advertisement for our practice. Contact us today to find out more about CEREC same day crowns.