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Hi Dr. Trey,
I was very concerned about my mother’s oral health situation before we came to see you.  But, you became our teacher – offering realistic options, presenting a different point of view, not previously considered, and tackling the challenges of an ill-fitting bridge.  “Knowledge is power”, and you educated us with patience and kindness.  Thank you for waiving your consult fee, as finances remain a hardship for my mom.  You were incredibly kind.  Thank you, thank you..
Sincerely, J.D.

We are so grateful you were there to take care of my husband’s tooth.  You and every staff member were so wonderful.  We really did appreciate everyone.  My husband hasn’t had one more pain. God Bless you, C & E H.

I was able to get a beautiful crown from start to finish, all in the same visit!  Dr. Vereen has all of the latest technology and equipment.  A friendly staff helped to make things very comfortable.  I never thought I would say that going to the dentist was fun.


Thank you Dr. Vereen for your donation of toothbrushes for our Scout troops packing project.  KT

I want to share my experience at Dr. Trey Vereen’s dental office.  This is not something that I typically do, but I felt compelled to share.

When going to the office you will be impressed with the office itself.  It is such a pleasant experience you may forget you are at the dentist.  The staff is friendly and the  hygiene that is practiced at this office is an A+, which, for me, is very important, since they are working in your mouth.  I recently had an old crown replaced and I could not have been more pleased!  It was made right in his office and I left with it in.  He uses very hi-tech equipment, and I was so impressed.  The color, shape and fit were amazing and looks like it is my actual tooth. 

Dr. Vereen is a super nice guy and he makes you feel very comfortable as he answers any questions that you may have.  MY EXPERIENCE WAS A DEFINITE THUMBS UP FROM ME!

Dr. Vereen, Thank you for giving me the smile I never had! I’m forever grateful. Krista L.

Dr. Vereen, Thank you for the kindness you have shown me. When I was in last, you spent a complete appointment time with me and did not charge me. It really touched my heart and I cried most of the way home (35 miles from your office) and giving thanks to God for your kindness. I feel like the Lord has blessed me by putting you in my life as my dentist. He does work in mysterious ways, you know, like me searching to find Teresa and getting you as my dentist. This is what I have found out about you in a short time: you listen to your patients, you explain procedures with the pros and cos and you don’t pressure them to make an instant decision, you are very good at answering questions, you are patient with seniors who don’t always get it the first time and you are even there for your patients for emergency. All this adds up to one thing…..YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR PATIENTS! No one could ask for more.
Marilyn G.

Trey Vereen, DMD

1522 Two Notch Rd. Aiken, SC 29803

(803) 642-5747

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