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There are a few key differences in the debate on regular braces vs. Invisalign. Braces can’t always fix teeth misalignment or bite concerns, but they can often cause self-consciousness or discomfort in the way a person looks. The Invisalign procedure works without all of the metal brackets and wires, keeping your teeth straightening process discreet and your smile looking very similar. Invisalign benefits also include less maintenance, as less wires and brackets are breaking, which means less dentist appointments. You can learn more about what invisalign is on our website, including the Invisalign cost, but here is an overview of what it’s like:

Invisalign starts with your individualized treatment plan, which first involves taking a digital impression of your teeth. Whereas regular braces would usually begin with taking a physical mold of your teeth along with photos and X-rays, Invisalign uses the digital impression to create a set of custom-designed aligners. Each set will last about two weeks before it is replaced with the next set in the series. Follow up appointments will be necessary to check your progress from time to time, but the pain and hassle of broken brackets and loose wires can be a thing of the past with Invisalign.

With most patients, the Invisalign procedure takes around 9 to 15 months, depending on the situation and how often the aligners are worn. On the other hand, regular braces typically take around 16 to 18 months (which, again, depends on the person). However, with Invisalign, you won’t have to worry about your smile looking completely different or having large chunks of metal in your mouth – you can remove the plastic trays as often as you need, keeping in mind that you could possibly end up prolonging the teeth-straightening process if you do that too often. Either way, Invisalign wins this debate as an easier, less painful, and more discreet alternative to regular braces.

Check out our website to learn more about how the process works, what our specific approach to Invisalign entails, and how you can contact us for your appointment!