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One of the first instructions patients receive once their dental implant treatment plan is developed is to make absolutely sure they do not smoke in the weeks before the procedure and for a long period after the dental implants are placed. In fact, it’s better for patients to have a plan for quitting the habit altogether. One of the reasons why this is so important is that research has shown a connection between implant failure and smoking. Smoking can not only significantly affect the soft tissues of the mouth, but also the bone tissue, which can result in an array of complications that compromise the implants’ potential for success. Infection is another problem that can develop due to smoking around the time of implant placement, which can lead to serious oral and/or general health problems. Plus, smoking can ultimately cause a significant delay in the healing process after the implants are placed.

For these reasons, it is important that current smokers are ready to cease smoking at least one month before the dental implant procedure, and continue to abstain from smoking after the implants are placed. Quitting smoking is vital for the health and success of the implants, not to mention overall health!

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