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Many individuals choose implant dentures as an effective option to replace multiple missing teeth in specific areas of the mouth, or full sets of missing teeth on the upper or lower dental arch. Also known as implant-supported or implant-anchored dentures, this treatment utilizes a select number of dental implants to serve as a stable, secure foundation for a custom denture. If you are considering an implant denture, the number of dental implants necessary for the best results will ultimately depend on a variety of factors based on your individual needs and goals.

Once our dentist has evaluated your oral structures during the initial consultation, he will be able to determine how many implants will be required to supply the strongest level of support to the denture. In some cases, patients may only need two to four dental implants for adequate stabilization; in others, more implants may be necessary. Dr. Trey Vereen will evaluate the level of jawbone density in the area of missing teeth to identify regions that can best accommodate the implant, as well as factors such as the overall number of missing teeth that are being replaced and whether they are on the upper or lower dental arch. Partial dentures typically need fewer implants than full dentures, while full dentures for the upper and/or lower arches may benefit from the All-On-4® or All-On-6 implant denture technique. In any case, one of the major advantages of implant dentures is that the procedure allows for comprehensive tooth restoration without requiring each and every tooth to be replaced with a dental implant.

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