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Cavities are some of the most common dental problems that people experience, and they are particularly common in children. With this in mind, there are several things that you can do to help your child prevent cavities and decay from setting in, which can ultimately reduce the potential for more serious concerns to develop. Early dental education is incredibly important for children as it can help them establish good habits that can stay with them for a lifetime!

Here are a few of the best things you can do to prevent cavity formation in your child’s teeth:

1. Help Them Develop Regular Daily Oral Hygiene Routines
Brush at least twice and floss at least once every day. This is one of the simplest, yet most critical, ways you can help your child minimize the risk of developing cavities. When good oral hygiene habits are instilled at an early age, it is much more likely they will continue long into the future!

2. Visit the Dentist At Least Twice Each Year for Check-Ups
A visit to the dentist twice per year for routine check-ups and professional teeth cleanings is essential. Exams can identify any potential problems in their early stages, and cleanings can address bacteria and plaque that may be too hard to reach with an ordinary toothbrush. Our dentist in Aiken, Trey Vereen, DMD, strives to make dental visits for children as comfortable—and fun!—as possible.

3. Establish a Diet of Nutritious, Healthy Foods
Minimizing intake of foods and beverages that are high in starch, carbohydrates, and sugar is important for both dental and general health. Those ingredients in particular are known to increase levels of plaque, which can later contribute to cavity formation. Foods that offer good options to maintain healthy teeth include dairy products, fruits & vegetables, lean proteins, and grains. In addition, plenty of water each day is a good way to consistently rinse away some of the bacteria that may be trying to take up residence on the teeth.

4. Include Fluoride Treatments In Dental Cleanings
A topical fluoride treatment added to your child’s routine dental cleaning can be another powerful way to prevent cavities. These treatments are painless and can give the teeth an extra layer of strength and protection against decay.

5. Consider Having Dental Sealants Placed
Dental sealants are a common treatment for children. They are made of a strong material that is placed on the back teeth, which are often more susceptible to cavities. Sealants can keep these teeth protected from food and bacteria that may get trapped in small crevices, ultimately providing a protective barrier.

Would you like to learn more about how you can keep your child’s teeth as healthy as possible? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!